Tracking Facebook’s 2008 International Growth By Country

Facebook has been growing by leaps and bounds during the first half of 2008. As of June, Facebook became the largest social network by reach at 132 million uniques, a 35% jump from the end of 2007. (See more overall data on social networking growth in 2008.)

So where are the new users coming from? Inside Facebook has been gathering per-country data periodically from Facebook’s advertising tools over the last year (note: this data is self-reported by Facebook users). By comparing data from 6 months ago to today, some interesting trends emerge:

  • Facebook’s staggering Latin American growth: 2.3 million new users in Chile during the last six months; 2 million new users in Colombia; 1 million new users in Venezuela; 0.4 million new users in Argentina
  • Facebook’s continued European growth: 2.7 million new users in the UK in the last six months; 1.1 million new users in France; 0.4 million new users in Spain
  • Saturation in some major developed markets: Canada (30% of population on Facebook); Norway (25% of population on Facebook); Austrailia (18% of population on Facebook)

Here’s a look at the top 25 fastest growing user populations by country, and Facebook’s largest international user populations overall. The results may surprise you:

Top 25 Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook in 2008 (%)

Top 25 Fastest Growing Countries on Facebook in 2008 (Absolute)

Top 25 Countries on Facebook as of 29 July 2008 (Outside US)

If you’re interested in obtaining the source data for all 90 countries that Facebook publishes data on, please email mail AT insidefacebook DOT com and introduce yourself. Enjoy!

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