Tracking Down Mrs. X With “Nanny Diaries” Scribes

Harvey Weinstein is offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can accurately reveal the identity of the real Mrs. X as portrayed onscreen by Laura Linney in “The Nanny Diaries.” And The New York Post reports that The Weinstein Co. head honcho’s phones have been ringing off the hook. However, FBLA caught up the tome’s authors – who created the fictional character – and they say nailing down the real name of the boss from hell won’t be easy. “How do you offer a reward to find the Easter Bunny,” laughed “Nanny Diaries” co-scribe Emma McLaughlin. Continued her writing partner Nicola Kraus, “We can’t lie, it is a fictional story.” And one that the authors say they wish so many people across the globe couldn’t relate to due to the abusive situations their star character finds herself in. “It’s so amazing to work so hard on a social satire and such a compliment when those characters ring so true to so many people – and not just in Manhattan. We’ve talked to people in South China and Holland and so many cities where people tell us that they are related to Mrs. X or married to Mrs. X,” Kraus explained. “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if it were just one family?” Another wonderful thing is the brilliant mind of Harvey Weinstein who came up with the reward idea, something that is helping to generate press while the pic’s star, Scarlett Johansson, is working with Woody Allen on an untitled project thus unable to pump her pic in the Stateside press. “Had the lovely and beautiful star of the movie not been waylaid in Madrid with Woody Allen all of this might not be happening,” McLaughlin explained. Besides “Nanny Diaries” – which opens in theaters today – the duo are also the creative minds behind other projects including the novels “Citizen Girl” and the recently released “Dedication” in addition to the screenplay “Five Men Who Broke My Heart” for Paramount. But back to the mysterious Mrs. X. “It’s like a $100,000 reward for finding Holden Caulfield,” laughed Kraus. Yeah, good luck with that.