Track Your Favorite Wines With Vivino

Previously I wrote about Drync Wine Pro, which you can use to look up reviews of wines and track the wines that you drink. In my review I wrote that I believe it would be useful if the Drync Wine app had an image search feature like Google Goggles to make it easier to enter information in the app. Today I discovered the Vivino app for Android that has the image search feature I have been seeking.

The Vivino app is very simple to use, you tap the Add Wine button at the bottom of the screen to open the Android camera app and take a picture of the wine label. Vivino then runs image recognition on the picture to match the wine with an entry in it’s database. I tested the app by taking pictures of five different wines and it properly recognized three of the five labels.

After Vivino returns the search results you have the option to indicate that it is not the correct wine. At that point the app steps you through a process of selecting the right wine, starting with the year, then vineyard, and finally wine type. If after stepping through the options you still don’t see the right option, you can indicate that none of the ones match, in which case Vivino stores the original result and says it will make another attempt at a match or otherwise add the wine to its database.

During my test I snapped a picture of Beringer Founders’ Estate Chardonnay 2009 that Vivino thought was a Cabernet Sauvignon 2008. I later checked the Vivino web site and discovered that the wine was added along with the picture that I took. According to the information in the Android Market, the image search has a 50% success rate and the pictures you say are incorrect are manually processed.

Which leads to an important point, the Vivino app for Android is intended to serve as data entry for the Vivino web site. On the web site you can see your full wine list and filter it on wines you want, wines you own, and wines you like. You also see the badges that you earn as you spot wines and add them to the Vivino database. As you add wines that information displays on the Vivino web app in a twitter-like stream. When you add a wine using the Vivino app you do have the ability to share that wine, along with your comments, on Facebook.

The Vivino app for Android is free, does not have ads, and is available now in the Android Market. Versions of the Vivino app are also available for iPhone, Windows Phone, and Blackberry.