Track Your Family on Facebook

We're related screenshotA couple years back one of my friends suggested that someone make a social network for families. After listening to their concept I agreed and began outlining a site which ultimately never saw the lite of day. It appears that others were more determined. is one of the sites that decided to tackle the problem of there not being a single place for families to connect.

While their website never gained traction, the creators of decided to launch a Facebook application. It was a great decision. Their application has now attracted over half a million users and has over 55,000 daily users. The “We’re Related” application enables you to list each of your family members that are on Facebook and how you are related to them. If your relative is not on Facebook, you can manually enter them as well. The cool part about having access to your family members that are on Facebook is the dynamically generated family photo album. The photo album mimics the iPhone’s album cover flow allowing you to smoothly flip through each of the images.

While this is a great first start to the application, there are many features that are lacking. I would recommend some sort of message board as well as a family cookbook to be added to this application. I’m sure there are a number of additional features that would be good but I can’t seem to come up with any others this moment. This application is a great first start and if the application owners decide to build this out they will surely have a sizable returning user base. If you want to keep track of your family on Facebook, go check out the We’re Related application.