Track Your Brand's Social Media Buzz

Branding seems to be one of the buzz words these days. In some form or another, everyone is taking part in branding. Whether you are just a person on twitter, or a company, it is important that you pick a brand and build upon it. Social media has made it easier then ever to brand yourself or your company.

As a person, your brand can simply be your screen name. Try to make sure you carry the same one across the various social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and you are on your way to creating your personal brand. As for a company, make the screen name match your company name and you are branding it on these networks as well.

After creating this brand, it is extremely important that you follow up and track how your “brand” is being talked about, its popularity, any problems with it, and so on. But with the vastness of todays social media world, that task can be daunting. Well, I have found your solution. Enter “The Social Media Firehose.” It is an unreal Yahoo Pipe built by Kingsley Joseph. You simply enter the terms you want to search for, like your product or company name and you get this:

Social Media Firehose Screenshot

A list of everywhere in the social media-verse your brand is mentioned, including images, twitter updates, blog posts, and so on. It is extremely powerful. It even has subscription options to include RSS, so you can almost instantly see what is being said about your brand so you can respond appropriately. You can even get badges to embed on your web site so others can see it all happen in real time as well. It is really an awesome product. One that should not be overlooked as you are trying to build and track your brand.

This post was orginially posted on East Coast Blogging. Jimmy Gardner is founder of 2Plus11 Technology, a technology consulting firm, and a local entrepreneur. He writes the blog, East Coast Blogging and is a avid advocate of the local DC area technology community.