Track your blog/site's Twitter fans by Intwition

intwition.jpgTwitter has definitely made it. Usage wise, almost all bloggers are into Twitter. A blogger even found his lost phone through Twitter. It will just be a matter of time before the search engines decide to index Twitter, and give credits to the Twitter accounts which link to blogs/sites. But before that happens, it would be neat to have an application that tells you track who links and talks about your blog, site or domain on Twitter. You can actually do that by a useful web application called Intwition.intwition_screenshot.jpgIntwition works by scanning Twitter’s public feeds for posts with links, while at the same resolving shortened urls. By entering a domain or URL, you can:

  • find whose twittering about the domain or URL – you can see all the tweets per page or per domain and track up to the minute tweets with the RSS feed for your site
  • find what people are talking about on Twitter, either right now, the whole time today or get a historical view.

Intwition also gives you a particular posts or part of the site’s total reach, that is the total number of Twitter users a link could possible reach.

Intwition is a pretty straightforward application with a pretty simple objective. On the technical side and it’s also easy to use. All you have to do is enter the domain or URL on the Search bar located on the front page of Intwition’s main portal.

It’s still in beta form and there certainly are a lot of room for improvements. Hopefully one of this will be a facility to take the data in the form of widget that can be embedded on the site of the domain owners.

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