Track Your Airline Luggage on Your Smartphone

Using the hand-sized Trakdot Luggage tracker (pictured above), travelers can soon monitor their luggage as it travels the world by airplane.  It will be available in March for $49.95 . Activation costs $8.99 and there is an annual service fee of $12.99.

The  air transport communications and information technology company SITA estimates that 26 million bags get lost every year by airlines.

Check it out: “The luggage locator system delivers city-specific information on the whereabouts of checked baggage in real time. Even if the Trakdot protected bag does not reach the desired destination, passengers will still have the reassurance of knowing which city their luggage is in. Once the device is registered on the Trakdot website and placed inside a checked bag, it will deliver location information directly to the user’s mobile phone or SMS device via text or email. Alternatively, travelers can track their luggage on or use the free Trakdot Luggage app. An additional app alerts passengers as their baggage approaches on the carousel, making it easier than ever for them to find their bag.” (Link via)