Track the Return on your Social Media Investment with HootSuite’s New Social Analytics

Stats lovers, this one’s for you: HootSuite has upgraded its dashboard to include some pretty powerful analytics and customizable reports. Called the HootSuite Social Analytics, this new addition will make measuring your social media impact easy to visualize and share.

Launched on Wednesday, HootSuite Social Analytics allows you to pull stats from your past social media efforts and create graphs, charts and other visualizations in order to better understand where – and why – you saw your successes and failures.

The HootSuite blog notes that HootSuite Social Analytics allows you to do the following:

  • Track Twitter brand mentions
  • Measure Twitter profile follower growth
  • Examine Facebook Likes and demographics
  • Overlay social link clicks and website visits from Google
  • Select from over 30 report modules to plug into customizable report templates

The blog also assures fans of the old stats available on HootSuite that they’re still available and are now being called Quick Reports.

Along with these powerful analytics, HootSuite also got a minor face lift. The blinking owl menu at the top left of the dashboard has been replaced with slim, permanent black sidebar that houses the menu.

To get started using HootSuite Social Analytics, access the analytics menu item (second from the top, underneath “Home”). From here, you must click “Create New Report”, and you can start adding graph and chart modules to your report right away. Each module can be moved anywhere on the report page. You can title your report, add a company logo and an introductory paragraph as well.

If you’re using Twitter for business, you really can’t afford to ignore HootSuite Social Analytics. They’re free to use, but more complex modules might cost more “points”, of which basic HootSuite accounts have a limited number. Nonetheless, this is a powerful way to provide weekly or monthly insight into your social media efforts.

We’ll have a full review and how-to for HootSuite Social Analytics shortly.