Track the 2008 Presidential Election Web 2.0 Style

CNET co-founder Shelby Bonnie has just launched his new startup with funding from four other former colleagues – $4.5 billion in Web ad dollars estimated up for grabs as the 2008 presidential election nears, this politically-charged wiki looks to be a shoo-in to get “voted in.”

Driven primarily by community members, users can create and edit content. Aside from snapshots on each political candidate (religion, party affiliation, biography, rivals), you can also see how much money they have raised for a run at the White House.

politicalbaseThere are also interactive maps that reveal how much money a candidate has raised broken out by area. Now you can find out who your neighbors are really supporting! There’s even a celebrity area that will show how many bucks your favorite (or least favorite) star has ponied up and to whom – as far back as 1980. Visitors can also view 2008 employee contributions to find out where on the political spectrum America’s biggest companies fall.

As traffic grows – and we bet it will – the Web site could become a key spot for election projections.

Registered users can also embed YouTube videos, rant and rave their heart out at the forum and search for images.