Track Sleep With Yawnlog

Maybe because it’s because I’m in the market for a new mattress, but sleep-related Websites have been on my radar all week. One of the cooler ones is Yawnlog, a Website that acts as a ‘sleep tracker.’

After registering (there are currently several hundred users), you tell the Website when you went to sleep, when you woke up, and any notes you feel are relevant to your slumber.

It might sound like a silly concept, but sleeping patterns can be an indicator of how you are doing both physically and emotionally. Often times, we find ourselves wondering which came first the lack of sleep or a problem causing the lack of sleep.

The notes field can be used for anything you like. Whether you want to keep a dream log, remind yourself of why you slept poorly (4 gin and tonics and chocolate cake before bed), or input data that could be helpful for ascertaining future sleep, the choice is yours.

You can keep your sleeping log to yourself or you can share it with friends and family, bringing a social networking element under the covers. Perhaps you and your buddy have similar sleeping patterns? Maybe you just want to let the world know about that perfectly innocent dream you had about Natalie Portman.

Yawnlog is currently looking into data visualizations, GPS location, mobile phone apps, and more!

You can follow the sleepy team over on Twitter.