How To Track The Most Popular Twitter Hashtags

Ever wonder what the most popular hashtags are on Twitter any given week?

This site will not only tell you what was popular, it also tells you how the hashtags are connected to each other. Ooo.

HiveMindMap is a pretty neat little site that gives a visual representation of the most popular hashtags on Twitter and other related tags.

How do they determine which hashtags to track? We asked and they answered:

How is this useful for you? Let’s take the playoff games that happened last night to give you a taste of what it can do. #49ers was trending, obviously, and this is what that section of the HiveMindMap looked like:


Click on the “i” in the center and you’ll get a slew of other options to help you delve deeper into the data, including the top tweets, related tags and users:


Sports industry folks could use this free data to identify brand ambassadors and related hashtags to watch/incorporate into future promotional events.

Want to see it for yourself? Check it out here. 

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