Want To Track The Olympic Athletes With The Most Online Influence?

We recently shared a story on the most socially sponsorable Olympic athletes, and now we’re going to help you take that a step further.

Want to know how the most popular athletes rank, in real time, according to their social media influence? It’s not set in stone and keeping track of these folks’ fluctuating popularity can be tricky.

Well, the folks at Kred are giving you a way to do just that.

Who are the most influential US Olympians and how do they measure up to their fellow athletes? Beyond following the fun and joining the #London2012 and #Olympics hashtag chats, you can also keep up to speed courtesy of Kred. They have a leaderboard and their results are updated in real time.

How do they calculate the scores?

Kred looks for tweets that use the hashtags #london2012 or #olympics in tandem with an @name. It then awards points in real time to both the person posting the tweet and the person mentioned in the tweet.

Kred then uses a real-time scoring algorithm to assign Influence and Outreach rankings to everyone who has tweeted and mentioned other users with this hashtag.

You can learn more about how Kred defines Influence and Outreach here.

And once you’re done checking out the Infographic below, you should visit Kred’s leaderboard for yourself – and let us know what you think!


(Running people image from Shutterstock)