Track My Location With Findme

Findme LogoAre you a fanatic about complete transparency in this digital era? If you are then you must add the new FindMe application to your Facebook profile. Every 15 minutes your approximate location will be updated in your Facebook status thanks to a simple technology similar to Google Maps mobile technology which determines where you are based on cell phone towers. I’m not quite sure why on earth I would want to let anybody know where I am at any given minute but this is a great tool for parents that want to track their activity offline.

Did your girlfriend say she was going to a movie with her friends today? Why is she driving around another state then? You can now put your relationship to the test by adding the FindMe application. Then again I would suggest against this application if you want to maintain any sort of normalcy in your life. Imagine your friends calling you “Hey man you just drove by my house but didn’t stop by! Great friend you are!”

This application also makes sense for those hard working truck drivers but really how many truck drivers are really active on Facebook? This tool raises the bar for invasive technology but then again you have to opt into it. Do you think this application is useful? Will you be installing it? If you want to you can go grab the Findme application.