TPM’s Marshall Showers Thank Yous on the World

Something has really gotten into TPM Founder and Editor Josh Marshall because he’d like to thank everyone between here and Thailand for the new polling app being unveiled today.

For political junkies who can’t wait another moment to find out how their candidate is faring down to the nanosecond, stop breathing because this is the app for you. PollTracker Mobile is the iPhone version of TPM‘s Media’s PollTracker poll aggregator. It’s free, and, according to Josh, “beyond question” the best polling device of the 2012 cycle.

“For me, finding out a day or even a few hours later that a big presidential poll came out isn’t good enough,” a bursting Josh writes in a morning note to readers. “I want to know right away. Like — gimme my crack! — right away.” Find it here before the DT’s set in.

Marshall’s note includes, count ’em, five graphs of thank yous to everyone from the two dudes who created it, to the entire digital team that built the app, to a professor at the University of Wisconsin, their whole team and the business development team. Lock your doors, because absolutely no one is safe from Marshall’s tornado of thank yous today. But what, no love for those who birthed him? He’ll be kicking himself in the shins later as he clearly forgot to thank his Kindergarten teacher and whoever taught him to tie his shoes and cut his nose hair.