TPM’s Christina Bellantoni to CQ-Roll Call

TPM‘s Christina Bellantoni is heading to CQ-Roll Call. A note to FishbowlDC: “I’m overwhelmed by the nice notes I’ve already gotten from the Roll Call team and very excited to come on board,” she wrote by e-mail.

Her farewell letter:

Friends and colleagues,

Hope everyone is doing well. Forgive the mass email but I wanted to
share some news.

Later this month I’ll be joining CQ-Roll Call as an associate
political editor. I’ll work with the campaign reporters, do a little
writing, take part in the launch of a new politics blog and help with
social media strategy. I hope to still go on television to talk about

I’m super excited to be joining such a distinguished team.

My year at Talking Points Memo has been more fun than I could possibly
have imagined when I came on board. It’s an awesome group and TPM has
a lot of success ahead. We’ve grown the DC bureau to five people and
break news left and right, and I’m proud to have been a part of TPM’s

In the 365 days since I came on board, I’ve written more than 1,620
posts, following the rise of the tea party, the raging health care
debate and this wild political environment.

I thought I was fast when I joined TPM, but the other staffers here
put me to shame. I have been lucky to work with some of the brightest,
snark-tastic reporters in the field. Thanks to them I know how to
write a good headline, how to post breaking news within seconds and
how to build the home page.

TPM is hiring, too, so drop me a line if you know anyone who might be

My last day here is Oct. 15, and I start at CQ-Roll Call on Oct. 18,
just in time for the last stretch of the midterms.

I’ll be in touch soon with my new contact info. But you can always
reach me here and on my cell.

Cheers, Christina