TPM Editor Wants No Apostrophe Rule

Josh Marshall, editor and founder of the liberal Talking Points Memo wants to institute a no apostrophe rule on Twitter. (This is the genius that comes from Twitter on a late Tuesday night.)

When introducing a rule like this, it’s always wise to then use an apostrophe.

To a follower who pointed his apostrophe use while introducing a no-apostrophe rule, he argued, “‘We’re’ is special case, but dont and cant is just for wusses.” He continued on with his idea, essentially declaring it a done deal. “My war on apostrophes gives safe harbor to we’re ‘ll etc. but for its, dont, cant etc. it’s over,” he wrote. “Kiss your apostrophes goodbye.”

And then Marshall went a little nuts…



A follower, “legalcelebrity,” seemed to sum up the situation with a perfect, simple question: “@joshtpm wtf are you talking about?”