Toyota Is Using Instagram Videos in Its Facebook Ads

Carmaker pushes Tundra model with new Moontoast tool

Well, it's not the video ads on Facebook that everyone (in the marketing world, at least) is waiting to see, but give props to Toyota for taking social-media-generated spots on a test drive. To promote the 2014 Tundra, the automaker is running paid Facebook promos that utilize Instagram videos during the next few months.

Employing rich-media ad units from Moontoast, Toyota is buying Facebook's page post link ads to push the 15-second, stop-motion-styled vids (watch example below). The Japanese company has been trialing the ads in recent weeks. While the ads will render in users' News Feeds, they won't auto-play—or, in fact, play at all unless the viewer clicks through to a separate page. While the excecution appears simplistic, the concept seems to be working fairly well so far, as Toyota's initial ad today has already garnered roughly 800 likes.

"We want to create different ways for our audience to engage, whether that be static posts or embedded video," Florence Drakton, Toyota's social media manager, told Adweek. "It's a little bit early to tell yet [whether the ads perform greatly], but we continue to innovate for our fans."

Generally speaking, Drakton said the Facebook ads will target men who are in the market for a new truck. "We recognize that media consumption is trending toward digital and social," she explained, "and we are definitely ramping up our budget and resources to support that."

Toyota's agency of record, Saatchi & Saatchi LA, is also helping with this effort.

Moontoast CTO Marcus Whitney claimed his company was the first vendor to build an ad unit with Instagram video and photo capabilities on Facebook's marketing platform. "[Theoretically], the unit enables pulling in content from user-generated sources as well," he added.