Toyota Entune, Like Ford Sync/MyTouch, Both Powered by Microsoft

Video courtesy of libertytoyota

Computer and phone manufacturers do not mind if the customer knows the operating system under the hood. Car manufacturers, however, are all about branding. So, while some Ford cars have the option to have the Microsoft Sync (Microsoft Windows Embedded Automotive) powered Ford Sync and Ford MyTouch, you don’t hear of Sync or MyTouch available in other brands of car. So, what is a company like, say Toyota, to do if it wants Microsoft Sync-like features? It isn’t too difficult to place a different looking shell and give the product a different name. Thus, we see something like this announcement in Microsoft’s Bing Community Blog.

Bing hits the road with Toyota Entune

After downloading Entune and pairing a Bluetooth capable phone with a Toyota vehicle, you can begin accessing Bing via the in-car dashboard or by speaking instructions out loud. Simply search for what you’re looking for and the destination, point of interest or restaurant can be seamlessly sent to the navigation system.

Toyota Announces Entune Multimedia System at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (Toyota press release)

Toyota Entune product page