Townhall’s Amanda Carpenter to Washington Times

Amanda Carpenter has accepted a new gig at The Washington Times. She’ll leave Townhall on March 1st for a role as chief correspondent of conservative news/analysis.

Looks like Jonathan Garthwaite may fill her vacated spot.

See her announcement after the jump.

Hi, everyone.

I’m sending out some blast emails to let everyone know I have accepted a job at the Washington Times to be Chief Correspondent of a forthcoming conservative news/analysis web project. I am very excited about this opportunity to work in a news room under the helm of Jeff Birnbaum and John Solomon.

My formal start date is not until March 1, so I’ll be here at Townhall for the rest of the month helping the team transition. I’ll continue writing and doing TV/Radio spots. I’ll be getting a new work email address and cell phone number in the next few weeks. I’ll be sending that along later this month.

Editor Jonathan Garthwaite is interested in filling my slot and I would like to give him some recommendations. Townhall has been a fabulous place for me to work and I’d really like to see someone come in who would love the job as much as I did.