Townhall Deems Ezra Klein ‘an Idiot’, the conservative news outlet, blasted WaPo‘s Ezra Klein this week in a headline that left no room for confusion as to how they feel about the boy wonder Washington reporter.

“Ezra Klein is an Idiot: Obama is the Jobs Problem,” the headline blared.

Since they used Klein to be their punching bag and to draw page views for conservatives who’d easily recognize the JournoLister’s liberal views, we thought for sure that the story’s author, Townhall Finance Editor John Ransom, would offer a lengthy, reasoned explanation as to why Klein is “an idiot.” Prior to Townhall Ransom was — no big surprise — a political activist and consultant in Western states.

But no. Ransom waits 13 graphs to even mention Klein. And when he does, he writes,  “Despite what commentators, liberals and Ezra Klein tell you, money isn’t moving robustly within the financial sector.” In graph 21, he brings Klein back in, writing, “Despite what Ezra Klein told you, Obamacare is not a deficit fighter it’s a budget buster.” And again, graph 22: “UPS just announced that they would be cutting the healthcare benefits of 15,000 spouses because insurance premiums for healthcare are going up, not down as Obama- and Ezra Klein- promised.”

Oh, Klein’s an elected politician, not a journalist?

And that’s it. End of story. No real explanation of why Klein is an idiot, just the blanket assertion that he is one and a thin explanation of why. Next time, instead of offering up easy red meat, how about provide details and more intricate research on what Klein has said and written? Maybe even create one of Klein’s famed charts?

Just a thought.