Town & Country Celebrates Rich Ladies

Hooray for money!

5521-town-and-country-Cover-2016-September-1-IssueTown & Country celebrated its 170th issue and annual “50 Modern Swans” list by throwing a party at the Carlyle Hotel on Monday. From the reports we’ve read, it seemed like everyone had a good time. However, we were surprised that no one could correctly describe what a Modern Swan was.

Some of the Swans in attendance included Keith Richards’ granddaughter Ella Richards; Estée Lauder great-granddaughter Danielle Lauder, Diane Vreeland’s great-granddaughter Caroline Vreeland and hotelier Andre Balazs’ daughter Alessandra Balazs. What do they all have in common? They’re all rich ladies! Yet no one at the T&C party could put that into words.

When T&C editor Stellene Volandes was asked what makes a good Swan, she told WWD, “They have that undefinable ‘it’ quality, but also there’s sort of a strength and intelligence and elegance to all of them.” Uh, OK. Might that “it” quality be a large bank account? Just say it, dammit!

Vreeland was also asked why she was a Swan, and well, god bless her lack of self-awareness.

“I have the legacy of my great-grandmother, which I honor and I love, but my whole thing is to be yourself and not suppress your emotion, just say what you mean,” she explained. “I think it shows that we’re shifting into this understanding that woman are naturally who they are. They’re not just a pedigree.”

Oh boy.