Tower of Mystoria combines tower offense with tower defense on Facebook

Image via Mintflow Games

Munich-based social game developer Mintflow Games has announced the launch of Towers of Mystoria, its tower defense and tower offense game on Facebook. Towers of Mystoria throws players into an adventure in the world of Mystoria as they must battle through hundreds of levels across a variety of mission modes.

Gameplay in tower defense levels sees players balancing the use of gold as they build archer’s towers, barracks for ground units and more. These units will automatically attack any enemy that comes near, but even if all units are wiped out, the enemies won’t advance until they’ve actually cleared the barracks or tower the units came from, which buys players time.

In these defense levels, players are asked to outlast waves of enemies in each level, never letting them pass a certain defense point on the board. Enemies walk down strict paths, so players will always know which parts of the board to protect, but towers can only be placed on specific plots alongside this path. The game challenges players to decide which types of towers to build on each construction site to find success.

Image via Mintflow Games

Once players go on the offensive, they’ll be presented with multiple paths across a map, each guarded by multiple groups of troops, towers and other obstacles. Players can spend gem stones to boost the power of these troops, increasing their attacking speed for a limited time, for instance.

In between battle levels, players can build their own military base, training new warriors, collecting more gold and so on. The game is monetized via the inclusion of premium currency, which can be used to speed up the training of units, purchase power-ups and more.

Towers of Mystoria is now available to play for free on Facebook, and currently has over 150,000 monthly active players. You can follow the game’s growth on AppData, our tracking service for mobile and social apps and developers.