Tower Bloxx is Digital Chocolate’s Facebook Foray

Tower Bloxx is an action/arcade game developed by Digital Chocolate. The premise is pretty simple: you must build the tallest tower you can.

A crane hovers over your construction site and will drop blocks of your building at your command. But the crane sways back and forth, and if you fail to line up the different tower segments exactly, the building begins to sway faster than you can say “Pisa.” Every time you do line up the tower segments correctly, you get a bonus meter and more points.

You can see more people umbrella their way into your building (don’t ask me where they come from) if it’s structurally sound as well. Every time your crane misses the site or the tower proves too wobbly to support a new block, you get a block deduction in a little meter. Three misses and you lose.

Essentially, Tower Bloxx is like playing with wooden cubes as a kid, only in digital form. It’s fun, challenging, and well-animated. The little people who appear to drop into your building are adorable and the game requires enough skill to keep players practicing at it. But game play becomes tedious quickly and it is obvious that the full game is only the one you want to play. The full version, sadly, is only available through purchase. Though there are numerous icons that claim you can “Try for Free” the full version, it’s just a link to the game developer’s site where they have other games that are available for trial.

It’s nice to see some bigger developers take an interest in Facebook, but they’re just feeding you their table scraps with this game. You cannot unlock various features of the game through inviting your friends, and though you can see your friends’ scores, the game never really exploits the social context of the Facebook platform. In short, the developer was smart enough to provide a taste of it in Facebook, but did not fully integrate it into the graph.

Facebook fans will know they can find full games with better game play without having to throw down money. The developers should recognize this strategy is outdated and incongruous with the platform and should move to incorporate other ways for players to unlock the full version’s features.

Game play: 6
Development: 3
Potential: 8