Tour Wrist for iPhone/iPad: Find and Share 360 Panoramas from Around the World

After writing about the amazing 360 Panorama for iPhone app last week, I was made aware a free app for the iPhone and iPad that provides easy access to nearly 4,000 more than 22,000 360-degree panoramic photos from numerous countries. Tour Wrist focuses on the hotel and real estate market. However, the panoramas are not limited to just these property types.

Tour Wrist (iTunes App Store)

Tour Wrist displays a map of the world with push pins identifying panoramic tours available for viewing. The map refreshes very slowly as you scan different areas of the world. So, you need to be patient after shifting its focus. The quality of the photographs are generally very high. The app uses the iPad’s motion tracking features to let you see the panoramic photo by simply turning around in place and pointing the iPad or iPhone up and down. Oddly, the app does not allow zooming in or out of the photo although the Tour Wrist web site viewing service does. If you do not have an iPad or iPhone, you can get an idea what the panoramas on Tour Wrist looks like by visiting the link below. It is of the Science Fiction Museum in Seattle next to the Space Needle.

The app crashed or froze on me several times. This included bringing up a panorama and trying to connect to Facebook. In fact, I had to exit the app, stop the process manually and relauch to share a panorama to Facebook. Despite this glitches, the app is definitely a keeper on my iPad.

Video courtesy of TourWrist