TouchCast Launches Contest For Original Web Video Series

Winner will receive $4,000

The startup TouchCast, which has plans to reinvent Web video, is putting out a casting call—a "TouchCasting Call," to be exact.

The startup, which publishes a free iPad app with video production tools, has joined with the International Academy of Web Television and BigScreen LittleScreen to launch a contest offering video creators cash to create an original series on the platform.

Submissions will be accepted through Dec. 11 in the following categories: vlogger rant, geek culture, shopohaulic, how-to/DIY and best use of Instagram. Five finalists will receive $1,000 to create additional episodes and one winner will receive an extra $3,000, the company said in an announcement.

As VideoWatch has reported, TouchCast has ambitious goals—chief among them is increasing the presence of video on the Web. TouchCast's app enables users to add interactive elements to their videos, technology that co-founder Erick Schonfeld (formerly editor in chief at TechCrunch) said will hopefully attract inventive creators.

“Our technology gives creators the tools to produce a new form of video Web content that builds a hyper-engaging and interactive viewing experience without any post-production,” he said in a statement. “By launching this pilot program we hope to incentivize the new generation of aspiring and established creators around the world to push TouchCast’s technology to the limits and produce amazing content!”

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