Torrent Software for Mac OS X: Transmission and Xtorrent

Which is the best torrent client for Mac users? I think after uTorrent release for Mac it will be the most powerful client for Apple users – I’m using this client in Windows and I must say that it is really great and I never thought to change it to some other torrent software. Ok, so which software to download now and what alternative have Mac users at he moment?


Transmission BitTorrent client for Mac

After reading some reviews it looks like Transmission is very powerful BitTorrent client for Mac. It is feature rich application but also developers is trying to keep it simple and intuitive. Speaking about development Transmission is fully open source project and anyone who have ideas to help this project can join the team.

Download Transmission

Xtorrent – Hardcore Technology, Mac Simplicity

Xtorrent - BitTorrent client for Mac OS X

This BitTorrent client for Mac OS X is really full with different features and multimedia stuff. Support of iTunes, iPod, iPhone, and Apple TV and many other features speaks for it self. Reading about this torrent client gives you the feeling that it is all you need and maybe because of this feeling you need to pay to use it 🙂 But how I said – it is worth to purchase this application!

Download Xtorrent

Other BitTorrent clients for Mac OS X:


Bits on Wheels

BitTorrent OSX

Tomato Torrent