Canadian Newspaper Launches Coffee Subscription Service

Headline Coffee costs $20 a month and, figuratively, delivers only good news.

From north of the border, a rather interesting new revenue experiment. Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star, this week announced the launch of a new monthly in-house subscription service: Headline Coffee.

The service will roll out officially in October with an offering from Sumatra, Indonesia. Readers have until Oct. 1 to sign up for that initial brew, and can get 50 percent off the first month by using a special promo code. From the announcement:

We will take advantage of our content capabilities, subscription expertise and customer service infrastructure to launch Headline Coffee. The premise is simple: offer a high-quality, ethically-sourced coffee, delivered once a month to the subscriber’s home. Priced at $20 a month, subscribers can choose either ground or whole bean, with a new coffee delivered each month.

The article about October’s selection, in terms of both length and tone, certainly reflects the purveyor’s newspaper background, as it reads more like a feature article than sales pitch. The newspaper has partnered with a local business to package and grind the coffee each month.

In the U.S., both The New York Times and Wall Street Journal operate wine clubs.

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