Tord Boontje Teams With HP on Lacy Laptop

hpmini TB.jpgFresh from a successful foray into jewelry with Artecnica, Dutch-born designer Tord Boontje has teamed with HP on an ultraportable laptop imprinted with his distinctive lacy layers. The HP Mini Laptop by Studio Tord Boontje is crafted using three-dimensional surface printing technology that makes it appear as if Boontje’s signature skeins of silhouetted flora and fauna are embedded in the sleek white case, which measures approximately seven inches long by ten inches wide. The featured creatures include 30 endangered species—here a polar bear, there a blue whale—in a shout-out to eco-friendliness (the laptop boasts an energy-efficient screen as well as packaging and manuals made from 100% recycled materials). To complete the package, Boontje has created a special desktop theme, icons, and wallpapers. The laptop goes on sale late next month for $399.

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