Producer on H.P. Lovecraft and eBook Delays

lovcraft23.jpgNeed some digital books for your stocking? has declared December H.P. Lovecraft Month–focusing on tentacles and intergalactic horror instead of tinsel and holiday cheer. Today’s guest on the Morning Media Menu was Pablo Defendini, a producer at the science fiction and fantasy site.

We discussed Lovecraft’s horror legacy, giving readers a few free eBooks to read over the holidays. In addition we talked about publishers delaying eBook releases, building online community, and how built a “publisher agnostic” bookstore online. Click here to listen.

Defendini had some strong feeling about eBook delays: “The first think of when I think of windowing release dates is walking down Canal Street here in New York on a movie’s release date in the theater and finding the DVD on the street. Day-and-date is what people want. If big media producers don’t give it to them, they’ll find it somewhere else.”

He concluded: “As a very avid eBook consumer myself–as I sit here, I’ve got a Kindle 2, a Sony Reader, an a Nook on my desk. I spent about five hours yesterday playing with the Nook. If I go to Barnes & Noble or Amazon to look for a book someone recommended and the book is not available–odds are … I’m going to move on and I’m not going to remember four months from now.”

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