Tor Books “Pleased” With DRM-Free Approach a Year Later

Last year Tor Books, an imprint of Macmillian that publishes science fiction and fantasy novels decided to remove the copyright protection DRM software from its eBooks.

Recently, Julie Crisp, the editorial director of the imprint, reflected on the decision in a blog post on the publisher’s site explaining that it was a good move. Check it out:

The move has been a hugely positive one for us, it’s helped establish Tor and Tor UK as an imprint that listens to its readers and authors when they approach us with a mutual concern—and for that we’ve gained an amazing amount of support and loyalty from the community. And a year on we’re still pleased that we took this step with the imprint and continue to publish all of Tor UK’s titles DRM-free.

The company made the decision to drop DRM after readers expressed frustration with the software. (Via Ars Technica)