Topsy Releases Social Data APIs

Topsy today announced the launch of social data APIs to bring insights from Twitter's Firehose to brands, agencies, publishers, and developers for use in their social dashboards and other applications.

Topsy today announced the launch of social data APIs to bring insights from Twitter’s Firehose to brands, agencies, publishers, and developers for use in their social dashboards and other applications.

The social analytics platform can power public-facing leader boards, like Topsy’s Twitter Political Index that tracked public sentiment for Obama versus Romney during the 2012 U.S. presidential election; social voting applications like the anti-smoking campaign for; or power live events, like a real-time stream of fan reactions to a football game displayed on a stadium jumbotron; as well as internal metrics like the number of mentions, potential impressions, and sentiment about a brand or campaign, like Shark Week. It can also identify key influencers surrounding a brand or event, like Rachael Ray or Alton Brown at the Food Network, whose activity can add to the overall picture.

One of four companies to be allowed access to Twitter’s entire firehose of Tweets, Topsy’s analytics tools can sift through tweets, photos, and links on Twitter in real-time and historical data going back several years.

The key difference, according to Jamie de Guerre, SVP of product and marketing at Topsy, is that “Topsy is an index and not an archive,” he explained. “Because we’ve built an index [for Twitter], just like Google has built an index for the internet, we can provide this instantaneous response and that instantaneous response works just as well in the API as it does in Topsy’s analytics tools. That means a game-change in the speed at which developers can access Twitter information through APIs.”

DeGuerre added that the APIs ultimately save developers money by allowing them to retrieve and store millions of Tweets without any additional infrastructure and then extract the ones they need. “We’ve essentially done all that work already, so now that work doesn’t have to be done by developers,” he said.


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