The Top 15 Countries On Twitter (Ranked By Growth) [STATS]

If you’re a reader of this blog you likely know that Twitter is really rather popular in the U.S., with recent estimates suggesting around 141.8 million total accounts in the States alone, about 27.4 percent of all Twitter users.

If you’re a regular reader, you probably know that Twitter is also popular in Japan and the United Kingdom. But where else is the micro-blogging social network growing like a weed?

Perhaps surprisingly, the country where Twitter is making the biggest gains in new users is Indonesia, which has seen an incredible jump of 44.2 percent in new Twitter account owners since Q2 of 2012. That’s the same Indonesia, of course, that was already a huge fan of Twitter, with close to 30 million registered profiles at the last count.

Saudi Arabia (41.66 percent), Singapore (34.74 percent) and, naturally, the U.S. (34.48 percent) have also posted big user-on-user (steady) gains in the last year or so, and the latter, of course, remains a massively important territory for Twitter, as it’s really the bedrock of the whole thing. If growth in the U.S. starts to flatline, it could be a warning sign of tough times to come for Twitter everywhere.

Notice the absence of the UK from this list, which might have started to top out on Twitter. It’s still an incredibly vibrant and active community, with the UK’s media industry perhaps more in love with Twitter than any other single entity on the planet, but Twitter UK’s guesstimated 10 million active users (and about three times as many registered profiles) might be as good as it gets for the bird going forward from here. Key thing now, of course, is holding on to every single one of them.

(Source: eMarketer.)