Top Three Takeaways from Brandhackers Social Commerce Panel

Monday night’s Brandhackers happy hour meetup brought together an audience of entrepreneurs and business owners for a talk on using ‘deal-of-the-day’ social technologies to build and retain a strong, targeted customer base.

Panelists from Scoopst, ScoutMob and Yipit led the conversation on best practices and took questions on how to get people in and keep them coming back, as well as the importance of managing deals on the merchant side to maximize effectiveness. With hundreds of deal sites in the market, it’s increasingly on brands’ radars — both big and small — as a viable vehicle for getting people in the door.

“The good news is it doesn’t have to be 60, 70, 80 percent,” said Drew Allen, head of NYC sales for deal-a-day vendor ScoutMob, of deal discounts. Fifty percent, he said, is the key to getting someone curious about the neighborhood to give something new a try.

After the jump, three lessons from the event.

Top Three Takeaways:

-“If you get someone coming through the door, you should figure out how to get their contact information.”  – David Ambrose, VP of business development,, on the importance of acquiring e-mail addresses.

-“Exclusivity is tremendously important,”  – Drew Allen, ScoutMob head of sales/NYC, explaining the importance of making sure deals look like opportunities to potential customers, as opposed to it looking like an establishment is “going out of business.”

-“If you are willing to own that channel and be sophisticated on it, you’re prepared to deliver unparalleled marketing opportunities to the local businesses.” – Jim Moran, co-founder,, on the daily deal as a “supercharged” way to promote a business’s events and offers.