Top Swiss Condom Brand Encourages Proper Grammar While Sexting

Campaign for Ceylor and Boldomatic (PR AOR Transform).

Want to create an interesting contest? Convince some young people to joke about sex.

Text-based “content creation platform” Boldomatic and Swiss condom maker Ceylor somehow teamed up to do just that last month with the help of tech-focused PR AOR Transform.

Of course, since the purpose of the campaign was to promote Boldomatic, all entries appeared on that platform. They make for an interesting mix of PG-13-rated jokes, pop references, and sincere queries.

Here’s an example of the latter:

ceylor 3

…and a more basic entry:

ceylor 1

Some of the kids got clever:

ceylor 2

The most popular entry in the contest, however, reveals a not-so-secret truth: young people just want to laugh at their own dirty jokes.

ceylor last

We can’t say whether Boldomatic will become a hot new tool for teens looking to share their own takes on classic potty humor, but this campaign seems to have gotten their attention. And we think Dr. Seuss would have appreciated that last one.

More entries here.