Top Six Free Twitter Apps for Android, Nexus One Phones

Android phones or Google Nexus One have their share of free Twitter apps just like the iPhone has. But since Android and Nexus One phones are fairly new, you can still manage the number of available Twitter apps for this platform. To help you decide which Twitter app to install on your Android phone or Nexus One, we’ve rounded six of the top free Twitter apps for Android and Nexus One. We also include a brief reason why you should install the app. All of the six apps can be downloaded through the Android Market.


Twitta is a basic and simple Twitter app that does the job done. It lets you posts tweets, direct messages, @replies, search Twitter and hashtags, follow/unfollow and receive notifications. It uses for URL shortening. It only takes 121kb of your phone’s memory capacity.

Why you should install it? – It’s simple, lightweight but does the basic functionality of pretty well.


Almost double the memory requirement of Twitta, Twoid offers a clean and easy to use Twitter client. It lets you view public tweets, your own tweets, view list of followers and list of friends. It also supports @messages and direct messages as well as viewing of user profiles. Twoid requires 300kb memory space.

Why you should install it? – Same reason why you should install Twita plus some more added features.


Another simple app which lets you do basic Twitter functions. What’s interesting about Twit2Go is that it lets you select the interval between checks for new tweets and gives you a running count of remaining characters before you reach the 140 character limit of Twitter. It also lets you post pictures directly from your phone’s camera. This app takes 323 kb of your phone’s storage.

Why you should install it? – The running count of remaining characters before you reach the 140 character limit of Twitter, is a pretty much useful feature.


Twidroid was my first Twitter app for my Nexus One phone. I stopped using only because I liked Seesmic better. If not for Seesmic I will still be using this app. The interface is very similar to but modified for the small screen of Android phones. Another best feature of this app is the menu icons which are relatively big. Twidroid requires 605kb memory space.

Why you should install it? – The sleek UI wins it for this app.


Seismic really put a lot of effort to its Twitter client for Android. It just recently supported multi-account in addition to its many features including video sharing, location sharing, photo sharing, URL shortening, background notifications, saving tweets as drafts, and quick access to Twitter profile . This is by far the best Twitter app for Android.

Why you should install it? One feature it has that Twidroid doesn’t have – multi-account support.


At 808Kb, TwitterRide is the largest of the twitter clients tested. A number of settings can be chosen on login. They include turning auto-refresh of recent tweets on and off and a daemon that checks for new tweets even when the app isn’t running. New tweet checking can be set between 5 minutes and 120 minutes. You can also select your notification types to include vibration and LED Flash. TwitterRide can be set to only notify you of @replies and direct messages. The TwitterRide UI is clean and very user-friendly. The main interface contains three tabs that let you see all tweets, @tweet, or DMs. When you tap on a tweet, the app will display a contextual menu that allows you to favorite the tweet, view user profile, send a reply or dms and re-tweet messages. The app also supports uploading of images from your Nexus One or Android devices’ camera. Finally, TwitterRide also supports URL shortener.

Why You Should Install It? – As you might have noticed, TwitterRide got our longest description and review. Suffice to say, this app is feature-rich and a robust Twitter app for your Android or Nexus One phone.