Top Movie Review and Rating Sites

Have you ever went to some random movie on a date? I hope everything went fine – it would be a shame to spoil all evening because of a crappy movie. To avoid such situations check out this article for most popular movie review and rating sites and read this piece of useful tips to avoid watching a crappy movie.

There are many ways to get more information on movies and movie review sites are probably one of the best ways to do that. You can get instant idea whether specific movie is great just by looking at it’s ratings and if you are interested in more detail information you can read movie reviews done by users. Below you can find top movie review and rating sites and share your movie taste with others.

Rotten Tomatoes


One of the largest communities of people sharing their passion for movies. You can find there not only user reviews but also what critics say about new movies. Movie trailers, pictures, news – they got everything!

The Internet Movie Database (IMDb)


This site is considered as the most respectable source to get ratings on movies. Many of my friends don’t say if the movie they saw was good or bad, just the number – IMDb rating. Can you trust it’s rating – I’m sure you can – its source is the largest movie lovers community online.

Blippr Movies


“Good reviews come in small packages” it’s their slogan. You and everyone else are able to write your review in less than 160 characters, which means you get short, compact summaries of movies from your friends and people your trust.

Yahoo Movies


At Yahoo movies you can get not only reviews and ratings, but also a bunch of different materials on movies, actors and the movie making process. Really fun site to hang out and get more information on your favorite movies.



This site is probably one of the most underrated – I really love its rating system! It is very easy to find similar movies thanks to collections, check out collections also to find movies you may want to watch based on your specifications.



Really great site to search for movie reviews because here you can find not only user reviews, but also it gathers together critics reviews from other sources.



What I low about this site is that besides movie reviews, it allow you to make list of your favorite cinemas to quickly access them and see what movies you are able to see there.

Movie Review Query Engine (MRQE)


MRQE (god, I hate it’s name) is an aggregator that gathers together movie reviews, different news, interviews with people involved in the movie creation process. It is really helpful to quickly find information about some movie from different sources.


Flickchart seams to be most promising movie review site in the future. It will select movies you may like based on your taste. More detail review on the project you can read at ReadWriteWeb.

I hope this article will help you to find interesting and funny movies. If you know more sites that may be useful to find movie ratings and reviews feel free to share them at comments.