Now You Can Add a Top Hat or Puppy Ears to Your Instagram Photos and Videos

Instagram introduced Snapchat-like face filters last month, and two new ones debuted Thursday

Instagram introduced Snapchat-like face filters last month, and Thursday, the Facebook-owned photo- and video-sharing network rolled out two new ones: a top hat and a puppy with ears.

Face filters offer the same functionality as Snapchat Lenses: Instagram users can tap the bottom-right corner in their camera and view different face filters to add to their photos, videos, Boomerangs or its new Rewind mode, which plays videos in reverse.

Instagram said in a blog post that the new face filters are available in version 10.21 and higher in its iOS and Android applications, adding:

Play around with the top hat filter to add a new style to your selfies—the accessories look drawn on and you can open your mouth or lift your eyebrows for a fun surprise. You can also turn into a puppy with ears that move as you tilt your head.

As always, face filters work with Boomerang, Rewind and other Instagram video formats. When you’re done recording, you can send it to your best friends through Instagram Direct or add it to your story.

Instagram also directed users to this Help Center page for instructions on how to use face filters, adding that the feature may not be supported by some older devices.

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