Top Google Searches on Super Sunday: Consolation Prize for Peyton Manning

The New Orleans Saints were the winners of Super Bowl XLIV, toppling the favored Indianapolis Colts 31-17, but Google software engineer Jeffrey Oldham shared the search-engine giant’s winners in terms of game-day searches in a post on the Google Blog.

The top five players searched Sunday were Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, Hank Baskett, and Scott Fujita. And Oldham added:

Many fans of Reggie Bush also expressed interest in his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian; searches for her name, both on its own and linked with Reggie Bush’s, spiked significantly during the game. Additionally, search volume for football great Walter Payton — after whom the Walter Payton Man of the Year Award was named — was as high as that for some of the game’s top-five most-searched-for players.

Saints head coach Sean Payton was the most-searched-for coach, topping Colts head man Jim Caldwell both on the search engine and the field.

Fast-rising recipe searches on Super Sunday included Buffalo chicken dip, guacamole, seven-layer dip, and pigs in a blanket.

Oldham also pointed out that searches involving kickoff time and how to watch the game online were very popular.

Among advertisers, Dockers and Denny’s were strong performers, and Betty White (Snickers) and Megan Fox (Motorola) saw searches spike as a result of appearing in Super Bowl ads.