Top Friends By Slide Tops Top Friend Apps

Top FriendsWe reported previously that a Facebook app was looking to trump Myspace by providing not 8, but 9 top friends for your profile. Well, let’s just say the arms race has begun between Facebook app developers with regard to listing top friends – Slide has developed the Top Friends app that allows for up to 24 friends to be displayed on your profile.

At the time of this post, Top Friends has a whopping 5,774,547 users. This puts it well ahead of iLike, which for a time had been touted as the most popular Facebook app out there (iLike currently has 3,668,230). A niffty little feature enables you to see who has listed you as a top friend. No one has listed me as their top friend yet. I think I need to spend less time blogging and more time buying drinks at happy hour! If you want to follow the crowd with the Top Friends application, go grab it now.