Top Four Campaign Building/Breaking Moments of Last Night’s GOP Debate

Last night, Godfather Cain and the Gang gathered in Vegas for a little Cirque du Debate and they put on the finest show on the whole strip. They were really acting up. In case you were out protesting something and missed it, we’ve compiled a list of the top four campaign building and breaking moments from last night’s event.

4. Michelle Bachmann made an impassioned plea to mother’s to “hold on” in the face of foreclosure, trying to strike an emotional chord with a key constituency.

3. Herman Cain not only stuck with his talking points concerning his 9-9-9 plan, but threw in a few one-liners that will stick with voters, quoting Saturday Night Live and Donna Summer. Today, he has a slight lead against his competitors in South Carolina, but with so many questions still lingering about his plan and his viability as a candidate (apples, oranges, yadda yadda) his position could change quickly.

2. Gov. Rick Perry, in his continuing effort to recapture that time when he was the GOP cat’s meow, decided to take it hard to Mitt Romney. Maybe he tried too hard. Both men lose two points for referring to people as “illegals” repeatedly and for bickering like children. But Romney gets a half point back for shutting down Texas Perry and for saying something that made a lady in the audience visibly gasp in shock. Video here.

1. Crazy-eyed gaffe maker Rep. Michelle Bachmann said, referring to President Obama: “First he put us in Libya, now he’s put us in Africa.” Shortly after, “Libya is in Africa” was trending on Twitter. The headline from the New Zealand Herald: “US Presidential hopeful confused over Libya’s location.” In New Zealand folks. This cancelled out her aforementioned “moms hold on” speech.

Ultimately, when you add up all the happenings, it’s hard to tell who won what and whether it’ll even make a difference. Although we can say that, after another debate, the fact that Ron Paul, Newt Gingrich, and Rick Santorum didn’t do too much to stand out doesn’t bode well for their already struggling campaigns. At least we get a few laughs along the way.

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