Top Five Social Shopping Sites Worth Your Time

Among the most covered social networking niche are social shopping sites. These social networks promise to give you sound shopping tips and advices as well as great bargain hunts. In addition, they help in boosting online commerce as well. Here are five social shopping sites which we think are probably worth your time, especially now that the Holiday shopping rush is about to usher in.

Kaboodle – a social shopping site where you can discover, recommend and share consumer products you stumbled upon on the web. It features powerful shopping tools and products that lets you organize your shopping lists, discover new things from people with similar tastes, get discounts on various products and ultimately of course, find the best prices. Kaboodle is a social networking site for people who loves to shop. As a member you can create and join groups, share shopping tips, feedback and product suggestions, personalize your profile using the site’s polls and widgets. Kaboodle boasts of 7 million unique monthly visitors to date.

ThisNext – describes itself as a shopcasting which is defined as a way to spread the word about things you love. It’s an amalgamation of the word shopping and broadcasting. But to put it in more simple terms, ThisNext is a social shopping site where you can explore, discover and rave about the hottest products online. It goes by the dictum – “buying better to live better”. As such it offers a platform where you can interact with community-validated taste makers and influencers in discovering recommended products. This next has evolved to become a virtual place where you can find and experience the best, most unique products on the web.

Zebo – is a social shopping community which taps on the power of your friends to help you get cool stuff online. You can create your Zebo personalized profile containing a list of what you own, want and love to shop for. Likewise, you can check on what other people have and want as well. In doing so, you can give them valuable tips and advices, talk online about your shopping needs, discuss products with your friends and ultimately of course – shop. The site also lets you create polls and find out other people’s opinions, create photo albums and share them with your friends.

Stylehive – is a social style club portal for people who live for fashion, design and shopping. It lets you meet your style muses and follow them as they discover and share their latest online product finds. Stylehive can best be described as a hybrid of social networking club and pop-culture lab. It features trendsetters creating, discovering and buying the hottest products online. As a member of the Stylehive you can build tagged collections to share, comment and speak with other hive members, build you own 24/7 shopping magazine, build and share your own shopping “wishlists” for the holidays, weddings and parties, promote yourselves and get noticed the world and join the fun by helping in building the hive with hot bookmars and recruiting people with style.

Wishpot – is a social shopping site that makes it easy to save and share interesting things you find in stores and online. Items in Wishpot are collected online or from stores and organized using an online shopping list. Your shopping list can be kept private or shared with your friends.It also lets you collect and discover products that you like, recommend your favorite stuff, share and explore gift suggestions or ask for opinions and advice. Wishpot works something like this. When you find something that you wish to buy online, you can saved the product information by clicking on a browser button. Wishpot will then save the product name, image, price and where to buy the product automatically. You can also add personal notes and tags to your saved product.