Top Five Favorite Android Apps Tuned for Honeycomb Tablets

I had a WiFi-only Motorola Xoom tablet running Android OS 3.1 (Honeycomb) on loan for the past two weeks. It gave me a chance to find and try a some of the Android apps that have actually been tuned for an Android tablet’s larger screen and the Honeycomb version of the platform specifically. Here’s my list of favorite apps tuned for Honeycomb based on two weeks of using the Xoom. The list is in alphabetical order.

comiXology is a comic book reading app that I first saw on the iPhone. This company has cornered the comic book distribution market as far as I can tell. Its apps (for the iPhone, iPad and Android) gives you access to DC Comics, Marvel, Image and other major comic book players. Comic book pages look great on the Xoom’s large bright 10.1-inch display. It is easy to download comics. You can buy digital issues using the app. They also provide free issues to let you test drive the app.

Google Music
Google’s Music app ties into their recently launched Google Music web storage and streaming service. Music is not quite as polished as Apple’s iPod app for the iPad. However, it is certainly “good enough” with the added bonus of being able to stream song stored in the Google Music cloud. Storage in the Google Music cloud is free during the current beta test period.

Newsr is by far the best Google Reader app I’ve ever used. It is far easier to use and navigate that Google’s own Google Reader app. If you have a Honeycomb tablet and use Google Reader heavily for news reading, you definitely want to try this free app.

Springpad is a note taking and information collection app that syncs with Springpad’s free web-based service. Note taking is fast and simple with this and a Honeycomb tablet. If you are wondering why my frequent “fav pick” Evernote is not on this list, it is because Evernote’s Android app has not been tuned for the Android tablet display. Springpad is a free app.

TweetComb is a Twitter client that looks great on an Android tablet. Its notification system ties in to Android’s to let you know when new tweets are uttered by your followers. You can tune what kind of tweets you want to be notified of to reduce the constant stream of notifications that might otherwise occur. It was developed by the same person who wrote Newsr (see above).