Top Five Creative Uses of QR Codes

QR codes have a lot to live up to, but they’ve come a long way from awkward scanning postures and terrible placement. If you are unconvinced that QR codes can be effectively deployed, look at these amazing examples of how they are creatively changing mobile interactions in real life.


Istanbul’s Berrge Tattoo wanted to find the next great tattoo artist, so their ad was a QR code that worked when it was filled in – a task that requires as much dexterity as inking.













Korea’s Emart Sunny Sale Uses a 3D QR code that only works between the sunny hours of 12:00 – 1:00. The campaign was so effective Emart saw an increase of 25% in lunchtime sales.



London’s Yobi sushi restaurant used its construction façade to promote its restaurant even before it was opened. The codes opened up a mobile fishing game for users to catch Temaki – caught fish meant users were rewarded with discounts once the restaurant did open.













In an effort to lure younger visitors, New York Central Park deployed its own interactive game using QR codes throughout its park. QR codes were placed all over Central park and players unlocked clues in order to solve the puzzle.



Guiness’s QR Glass is a great example of social drinking – the glass only shows its QR codes when filled with Guiness (or a very dark beer). Scanning the code will Tweet your drink, update your Facebook status, and download coupons.


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