Top Emerging Android Apps: Tap Fish’s Wallpaper Update, Dragon, Fly!

The top charts for Android are, for the most part, alive and well. But not all three are terribly active. Only two of the three lists showed significant new activity. While some of these, such as UNO and Death Worm, breached the top-grossing list this week, most other apps on that list are titles that are there every week.

New Titles Within Top Android Paid Apps List

UNO — There is a new #1 spot on the top paid Android charts this week and it comes from developer and publisher, Gameloft. The game is the digital version of the well known table top card game, UNO and it was last updated August 18th. The update primarily improved online multiplayer, which, on iOS allowed users to play online against others their own skill level (and also drove the title up to #18 earlier this week). With the number of installs spiking dramatically since the addition, the $2.99 game is also #24 on the top grossing chart.

Death Worm — The next app on the top paid list is the August 11th-updated game of Death Worm. In the game, players control an enormous man-eating worm and must feed on everything from animals to tanks as they essentially “swim” through the ground and wreck havoc on the world. Its tremendous growth in recent time is due to a limited time offer that has lowered the price of the game to $2.99, putting it at #5 on the paid list, #11 on the grossing list, and even helped raise its free version reach #21. The game is made by PlayCreek, a small Russian games developer for several platforms including PC and iOS.

The Moron Test — In at #8 is a rather dated game dubbed The Moron Test. The title is a compilation of deceptively simple mini-games and puzzles and was recently updated, August 23rd, with new content (“Skip Day”). Even with the update, however, the number of installs for the $0.99 game have been fairly steady in recent time. As for its developer, it is noted as distinctdev, a small development studio out of south Florida founded back in 2004 and focused on simple games that range from iOS and Android to Facebook.

Need For Speed: Shift — Need For Speed: Shift is a game many will be familiar with, but it appears all the way down at #32 despite spiking in install growth after its August 11th update. Developed by the second largest games developer in the world, Electronic Arts, the racing title allows players to drive up to 20 different cars, that range from the Lamborghini to the BMW; all through cities ranging from Chicago to Tokyo. Currently, the game costs $2.99.

Apparatus — The last recently updated title on the paid list is the #36 app, Apparatus from a small independent Swedish games developer, Bithack. The game taps into users’ imaginations as it requires them to construct odd machines to perform simple tasks (e.g. getting an object from one point to another) using cables, batteries, planks of wood, and so on. Its August 19th updated added in a small amount of extra game content, but after a spike in installs at that time, the game has since declined. Currently, Apparatus costs $3.00.

New Titles Within Top Android Free Apps List

Dragon, Fly! — Dragon, Fly! is the #8 top free Android application this week. Last updated August 18th, the game’s core play is that of Tiny Wings. Players slide down hills, as a baby dragon, in order to build momentum and launch themselves off their crests in order to travel as far as possible before momma dragon brings players back to the nest. Also filled with quests and leaderboards, the game has grown, in installs, significantly in the past few weeks. It is credited to Four Pixels, a rather enigmatic developer who hosts three other game properties on Android.

Fruit Slice — DroidHen is another Android developer with little provided information, but is credited with the development of 16 Android applications. The company comes in at #12 with its free game, Fruit Slice. With its install rate growing since its update on August 19th, the game is, like the previous highlight, another rendition of a popular title; this time, Fruit Ninja. Players swipe their finger across their device in order slash up piece of fruit that fly on screen in the attempt to earn the highest score possible and not hit any tossed explosives.

My Verizon — Moving away from games for a moment we come to My Verizon. Hosting a very sporadic install rate the past 30 days, the app, from cellular carrier Verizon Wireless, allows users to access and manage their Verizon accounts on the go. Its last update was August 24th, and with it, users were granted the ability to update their minutes, messaging, and data. As it stands, My Verizon is now #14 on the top free Android apps list.

Google Sky Map — Also updated on August 24th is an app from yet another large company, Google. Ranked at #17 comes the application Google Sky Map. The title is an astronomy app that allows users to view star maps, planets, constellations, and so on just by pointing their Android device at the sky. The recent update also incorporated a feature for meteor showers. That said, the update has not yet had time to affect the apps install growth, which has been very slowly growing in the last month.

ESPN ScoreCenter — Moving all the way down to #27 comes the next recently updated (August 18th) highlight, ESPN ScoreCenter. Developed by sports television network ESPN, the application does exactly what the title suggests: It delivers sports scores from around the world. It provides news and standings as well, but also allows for personalized scoreboards, team favoritiing, and sports analysis. Installs for the app spiked twice in the last two weeks, but have been declining in recent days.

New Titles Within Top Android Grossing Apps List

Paradise Island — The top grossing Android list is a bit sparse in terms of new faces that have recently been updated. Regardless, to once top title of Paradise Island moves down to #2 this week, having been overtaken by My Country. Both titles are developed by Russian developer Game Insight, though it is Paradise Island that has been highlighted as making over $1 million a month in revenue. For those unfamiliar with the game, Paradise Island is a social business management game in which players construct their own tropical vacation destination. It is monetized through in-app purchases and was last updated August 20th.

Tap Fish — Another familiar face appears at #6 in the form of Tap Fish, which has 2 million monthly actives and 5 million installs on the platform. The game is another social management type of game where users own and care for virtual aquariums. In the app, players can raise and breed several varieties of aquatic creatures, decorating their tanks the way they see fit. Tap Fish’s most recent update (August 15th) added in daily login rewards and the ability to revive friends’ fish for free. The app is made by California-based Gameview Studios, a mobile free-to-play games developer which was acquired by Japanese company, DeNA, last year. Interestingly enough, Gameview has said that its ARPU on Android is starting in some cases to beat its iOS ARPU.

Fashion Story — Fashion Story is one of the many free-to-play TeamLava games to frequently do well on both Android and iOS. Currently, the social business game — in which players build and manage their own fashion boutiques — is ranked at #10 and was last updated August 19th with general bug fixes. However, TeamLava notes that it regularly updates its Story games with new decorative items (some of which cost virtual currency). As for TeamLava itself, it is a part of Storm8, a company with around 5 million daily active users and may be seeking $300 million in new funding.

Zynga Poker — Coming in at #20 is the popular Zynga Poker from the world’s largest social games developer, Zynga. In the mobile game of Texas Hold’em, players can play hands of poker with other users online. Though the game has been around a while, its recent growth is partially due to an August 9th update that has added the means to purchase game chips from one’s phone and the incorporation of “Fast Tables!” where turns move at twice the speed. Also aiding in the growth (which has only increased in the past few weeks) is the free 10,000 game chips players receive just for downloading.

Gun Bros — The final highlight of the day is once again well known and comes from publicly traded games developer Glu Mobile. The studio recently reported smartphone revenue growth, year-over-year, of 58 percent to total at $9.42 million. One of the big contributors to that number is free-to-play game Gun Bros. Ranked at #21, the game is a top-down shooter in which players team up with a friend to shoot up wave after wave of enemies. It was updated August 11th with new content including daily challenges and several new items. Nevertheless, the number of installs for the game have been declining.

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