Top Emerging Android Apps: Smurfs Arrive, Flash Updates and Live Wallpapers Get Seasonal

Unlike last week where old releases dominated the free, paid and top grossing apps charts, this week new releases were able to muscle in on the action. New releases made the biggest dent on the top grossing chart, where iOS juggernaut Smurfs’ Village made its debut. Games proved to be this week’s best bet with offerings from Gameloft, Full Fat and YoYo Games all performing well after launch.

New Titles on the Android Top Grossing Apps List

(Update) Live Holdem Poker Pro – There hasn’t been much change on the Android top grossing charts this week, and older game Live Holdem Poker Pro is still performing strongly, holding onto the #7 spot. Updated on October 6th with minor bug fixes, the game is the most popular poker network for Android devices, beating out Zynga Poker (currently the #9 top grossing app). The game connects to Facebook and allows player from both platforms to play and chat with each other. Live Holdem Poker Pro is supported by in game purchases and was developed by Dragonplay.

(Update) Pocket Legends – Mobile MMO Pocket Legends appears on our roundup again, this time in the #19 spot. Picked as one of the best games for Android by like the likes of MSNBC and Mashable, Pocket Legends lets player choose from one of three classic RPG roles as they adventure in a persistent fantasy world. Developed by Spacetime Studios, Pocket Legends is free to play and monetizes through the purchase of in-game currency.

9mm HD – Gameloft’s 3rd person shooter 9mm HD is now available for Android. Released on September 28th, the game puts the player in the role of John Kannon, a tough cop who’s got a price on his head and a gun in his hand. Inspired by the likes of Grand Theft Auto and Just Cause, the game features slow-motion stunts, destructible environments, a hip-hop soundtrack and online Free For All and Team Deathmatch modes. 9mm HD costs $6.99 and is currently the #24 top grossing app on Android devices.

Destroy Gunners SP – One of Japan’s most popular exports is giant fighting robots, and Japanese developer SHADE Inc’s new game Destroy Gunners SP brings a big dose of robot-on-robot violence to Android. Currently the #34 top grossing app, the game has classic giant fighting robot gameplay: players must blast their way through a variety of detailed 3D levels and destroy other giant robots to unlock more missions and customize their weapons. The game supports Open Feint Leaderboards and costs $9.99.

Smurfs’ Village – Beeline Interactive’s infamously profitable and popular game Smurfs’ Village is now available for Android. After launching on September 28th for select devices, the free to play game is now quickly climbing the top grossing charts, currently sitting in the #35 spot. In the game, players must build a village to house the titular blue characters; the more Smurfs that settle, the more minigames and quests the player unlocks. Players can also send gifts to other Smurf villages through Facebook Connect and speed up construction by through in-app purchases.

New Titles on the Android Top Free Apps List

(Update) Tiny Flashlight + LED – One-man dev house Nikolay Ananiev’s app Tiny Flashlight + Led is the #7 free app this week. The simple app turns a phone’s LED flash into a flashlight. The utility that has maintained its hold on the charts thanks to a new update on October 1st that added support for 2 new phones and localized the app for Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hindi, Norwegian, Dutch, Swedish and Turkish. The app also includes different flashlight widgets and the option to use a device’s screen as a colored light.

Adobe Flash Player 11 – Adobe’s Android-only smartphone version of Flash, Adobe Flash Player 11 has seen a huge boost in popularity after the company unveiled the latest version of Flash on September 20th. Allowing users to view videos, play games and browse websites built with the multimedia software, the utility now comes with a strong wording that users update to Android 3.1 to ensure best results. Adobe Flash Player 11 is currently the #18 free app.

Facebook Messenger – Facebook Messenger continues to be a popular free app on Android, ranked at #23 this week. The standalone utility allows users to send messages and chat with Facebook friends without having to be on the social network itself. The app supports push notifications and will can convert messages to texts. Facebook Messenger started life as Beluga, a group messaging client for iOS and Android that could push notifications to SMS. The company was bought by Facebook in March and Facebook Messenger launched in August.

StopWatch & Timer – Next up on the free charts is a perennially popular app StopWatch & Timer, made by California developer/sport tracking community The clean and simple app allows users to either set a stopwatch or a countdown timer on their Android phones. The app was updated on September 28th with some minor bug fixes and has seen consistent growth in the past 30 days propelling it up into the #43 spot.

Brain Age Test Free – Independent Israeli developer Daxup Mobile’s game Brain Age Text Free has seen a huge spike in downloads in the past 30 days, racking up more than 2,00,000 downloads in total and rising to the #45 spot on the free charts. Brain Age Test Free allows users to test the resilience of their short term memory and gives users a mental age calculation based on their results. Users can choose to post their results to a global scoreboard if they wish.

New Titles on the Android Top Paid Apps List

Season Zen HD – A new app on the paid charts is #14 ranked Season Zen HD. A $1.49 wallpaper app, Season Zen HD allows users to apply a live wallpaper to their phone, customize it and add new elements like bird’s nest and butterflies. The app has had a big popularity boost since updating on September 30th to add an Autumn themed background and time of day support. Season Zen HD is made by small developer DualBoot Games.

Extended Controls – The next app on our roundup is another utility, Extended Controls. Currently the #26 ranked app on the Android paid charts, Honolulu Team’s $0.99 utility does exactly what it says – users can add and customize a variety of widgets for their phones, with full control over icons, transparencies, colors, labels, size and more. The app was updated on September 28th to add a system information widget, new background images, and an FAQ, among other things.

Flick Golf – Next on the list is brand new game Flick Golf. Released on September 23rd and currently the #34 paid app, Flick Golf challenges players to use touch controls to flick, spin and curve golf balls across a variety of courses, all while battling the golfer’s greatest foe, the wind. Flick Golf costs $0.99 and was created by Full Fat Games, an independent UK publisher that started life creating games for Nintendo’s Game Boy, but has now moved into mobile apps for Android and iOS.

(Update) Robot Unicorn Attack – Surreal arcade game Robot Unicorn Attack is still performing very well on the Android market. Despite not having any updates since June 9th, the app is still the #43 paid app, and installs have held stead in the 100,000 to 500,000 range. For $0.99, players get to control a robot unicorn as it races through randomly generated terrain, which is done while listening to a minor hit from the sythpop band Erasure. The game’s maker, Adult Swim Games, was last in the news after they announced plans to expand their game offerings on iOS.

Pollushot – The last app in to make this week’s paid charts is the new game from UK user generated game company YoYo Games, Pollushot. Released on September 16th, the environmentally themed game challenges users to use Angry Bird style slingshot controls to blast pollution pirates out of the skies, catching the debris falling from their airships in a giant slingshot, and using it to destroy them. The game supports Open Feint and Game Center achievements. Pollushot is $0.99 and is currently the #48 app on the paid charts.

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