Top Emerging Android Apps: Security, Music & Games Appear

The top paid, free, and grossing Android apps lists continue to fluctuate this week as we focus in on new and newly updated titles. That in mind, the majority of top applications highlighted today are those in the latter category, having been updated just this month and run the gamut of categories, from games to security software.

New Titles Within Top Android Paid Apps List

SoundHound — The first highlight of the day is an application by the name of SoundHound. Costing $4.99, the app is #9 on the top paid Android apps list, and also has a free version ranked on the top free charts at #18. The app allows users to quickly identify music by merely holding their handset up to a speaker. Once identified, lyrics and artist information are provided. It’s last update was August 11th, and contained general fixes and stability improvement, thus its traffic has fluctuated frequently over the past 30 days. SoundHound is credited to SoundHound Inc., a San Jose, California-based company whose apps center around music recognition and span Android, iOS, Windows Mobile, and Symbian.

ADWLauncher EX — In at #10 is another older application, ADWLauncher EX. Updated just August 16th, fixing an Android 3.2 incompatibility issue, the app has grown slightly in recent days. Costing $3.32, ADWLauncher allows users to replace and customize their Android home screen. It is developed by AnderWeb, the developer credited to 13 other ADW Android applications.

Spirit HD — Moving down to #18 comes the game Spirit HD at $1.30. Last updated August 11th, the title has risen dramatically in recent time due to a 50 percent mark down in price. The app is a Geometry Wars-style arcade game, developed by Marco Mazzoli (though it is credited to the company name of “Jakyl“), in which players attempt to remove multi-hued enemies by encircling them and forming temporary black holes.

Fishin’ 2 Go (FULL) — Fishin’ 2 Go (FULL) is an August 13th-updated title that allows players to turn their Android device into a virtual fishing rod and fish using its accelerometer. The recent update, added in 10 new species of fish to catch as well as the ability to unlock all fishing locations in-game. The developer behind the $2.25 game is noted to be CyxB, an enigmatic outfit whose only other Android IP is Sea Shooter.

MyBackup Pro — The last highlighted top paid Android app comes in the form of MyBackup Pro. Ranked at #26, the title does what its name suggests, which is backup everything on an Android device, ranging from applications and photos to call logs and system settings. Holding a fairly steady install rate in recent days, its last update was August 7th. The company behind MyBackup Pro is Rerware LLC, whose backup software can also restore data from Windows Mobile, Symbian, and BlackBerry on an Android handset.

New Titles Within Top Android Free Apps List

Music Download — Moving into the top free Android apps list, the first highlight of the day, Music Download, comes in at #11. Updated August 17th, this simple application allows users to search for and download music and lyrics. Hosting rapid growth over the past few days, Music Download is credited to a developer by the name of Liu Xuan. Unfortunately, no further information is provided and Music Download is Liu Xuan’s only noted Android title.

Drag Racing — Creative Mobile has been an Android developer since the operating system first came about, and is the company behind the #15 app, Drag Racing. The game is described as a realistic racing title in which players can compete with over 50 different types of vehicles. Last updated August 12th, with general fixes, the game has risen steadily the in the past month, and was also featured on the top grossing Android apps list last week.