Top Emerging Android Apps: Minecraft, Life is Crime and Lots of Utilities

This week saw a good balance on the charts between old and new offerings. Mojang’s Minecraft made a big impact on the paid charts, and EA Mobile kept Madden NFL 12 on the top grossing charts with a price drop. The free charts showed less variation, once again being dominated by utilities. With the exception of Minecraft, there were no impressive launches, but newer games from Red Robot Labs, Disney Mobile and Animoca all performed well.

New Titles on the Android Top Grossing Apps List

(Update) Madden NFL 12 – Football fans have proven to be a powerful force in the Android Market, keeping EA Mobile’s Madden NFL 12 in the charts since it launched. Boasting all 32 NFL teams, personalized Hot Routes and the ability to pause the game and adjust players’s positions, the game has plenty of features to keep armchair quarterbacks captivated. Madden NFL 12 is currently the #9 top grossing app, and is on sale – down to $4.99 from its original price of $6.99.

(Update) Texas Poker – Next up is #10 ranked Texas Poker, one of three poker games currently battling in the Android Marketplace (behind #5 ranked Zynga Poker and #3 ranked Live Holdem Poker Pro). The only Android app from Siberian based KamaGames, Texas Poker is free to play, and like in the iOS version, monetizes through in-app purchases of chips and gifts. We last covered KamaGames in July, when their acquisition of the IP for Mall Party, City Friends and Epic Gladiator made headlines.

Life is Crime – Red Robot Labs location enabled mafia game is the #18 top grossing app. Life is Crime lets players to become mafia overlords of their own cities, fighting other players for control of real world locations like coffee shops and train stations, leaving behind pickups for allies and even shaking down rivals for turf. The game monetizes through in-app purchases and has seen installs climb steadily since we covered its launch at the end of August. The company is backed with funding from Benchmark Capital and Playdom co-founder Rick Thompson.

My Car Salon – Since its release on September 21st, Animoca’s game My Car Salon has been extremely popular, racking up more than 1 million downloads and climbing to the #21 spot on the top grossing apps chart. The free to play game puts players in charge of their own auto-repair shop where they must motivate their staff and keep customers moving in and out quickly in order to put money in the till. My Car Salon was updated on October 13th with a Halloween theme and costumes. Animoca is a division of Hong Kong based developer Outblaze, which has an aggressive strategy of releasing at least one app or so a week. It monetizes across a portfolio of hundreds of titles, unlike other developers who focus on a handful of games.

Homerun Battle 3D – The last entry on our top grossing Android chart this week is Korean developer Com2uS’ #26 ranked Homerun Battle 3D. The $4.99 app is an older game and was last updated on June 5th. Homerun Battle 3D is an arcade style baseball game with a simple premise: how many home runs can you hit? Players can either play by themselves or compete head to head in online match ups for baseball supremacy, and can customize their uniforms, hats and equipment to give them an edge in battle.

New Titles on the Android Top Free Apps List

(Update) Hanging With Friends – Zynga’s version of Hangman is a mainstay of the free Android charts. Currently the #10 app, Hanging With Friends was updated on September 29th to version 4.04 and is still seeing installs grow almost exponentially. Players can participate in up to 20 games simultaneously, play with Facebook friends or random opponents and receive push notifications to ensure they never keep someone waiting for their move. Hanging With Friends was developed by Zynga With Friends, which Zynga brought in through the acquisition of Dallas-based Newtoy.