Top Emerging Android Apps: LevelUp, Marvel, Skype, Dragonplay, Com2uS

We’re starting our coverage of the top emerging Android applications today. Broken into the top paid, free, and grossing charts, out lists will highlight emerging titles and developers. Sometimes, we will point out older applications if there is an update that led to a boost on the charts. Because there Android Market’s lists don’t distinguish between tablets and handsets, the top five highlights from all three lists will be noted in one go.

New Titles Within Top Android Paid Apps List

Beautiful Widgets — Starting off today’s list is a non-game app by the name of Beautiful Widgets. The $2.85 application allows users to incorporate a myriad of skins and themes on their Android device to display a variety of clocks and weather reports. An older app, it was last updated on August 2nd and is credited to French developer LevelUp Studio. LevelUp Studio is another independent developer that focuses on the Android platform and has done so since Android 1.5. Beautiful Widgets is currently ranked at #1 on the top paid Android apps list.

WeatherBug Elite — WeatherBug Elite hosts the #7 spot this week on the top paid Android apps list. Last updated July 19th with improved GPS and network-based location source accessibility, the title is primarily a compilation of weather stations from around the globe, providing live local weather, seven day forecasts, severe weather alerts, and interactive maps. Costing $1.99, the title has grown rapidly in recent days, but is now currently leveling off. It is credited to a company by the name of Earth Networks, a Maryland-based outfit centered around the study of our planet’s environment.

Robot Unicorn Attack — The top paid list gets a bit strange with the #10 application, a game by the name of Robot Unicorn Attack. The side scrolling game is a simple platformer in which players must steer a, well, robotic unicorn for as long as possible before crashing into an obstacle; all within an absurdly “magical” world of flying dolphins, rainbows, fairies, and purple mountains. The $0.99 title is courtesy of [adult swim] games, the game development arm of [adult swim], which is more mature segment of cartoon programming on Cartoon Network, a network from Turner Broadcasting, a TimeWarner company.

SwiftKey X (Phone) — SwiftKey X is a recently updated (July 22nd) title that acts as a digital keyboard for smartphones. Not only does it host cloud-based personalization, but it also makes “predictions” on what words the user is attempting to write. These can be selected just above the keyboard. As such, the predictions feature was expanded with the app’s last update to work on HTC and Samsung email clients as well as in Google Quick Search. SwiftKey X is created by TouchType Ltd., a moderately sized London-based technology company founded back in 2008. SwiftKey X costs $4.05.

Captain America: Sentinal of Liberty — Moving down to #14 is a game that was recently featured on the top iOS charts, Captain America: Sentinal of Liberty. Last updated on July 23rd, this $0.99 game is an official title from comic book company, Marvel Entertainment. In the game, players take control of the Captain himself and attempt to stop Red Skull, during World War II, from finishing the construction of his super weapons. An arcade-like, action beat’em up style of game, the rise of the title is partially due to the recent film release: Captain America: The First Avenger.

New Titles Within Top Android Free Apps List

Advanced Task Killer — Moving into the top free Android apps list, the first highlight of the day goes to Advanced Task Killer. Ranked #7, this July 22nd-updated application is, in short, and application that can close out apps and clean one’s memory. Developed by an enigmatic group by the name of ReChild, the title has been growing rapidly over the last few weeks, and is only now beginning to tapper off.