‘Top Design’ Lands With a Thud


Just taking a look at this little snapshot from Google News with all the reviews of the new “Top Design” gives you an idea that maybe this isn’t going to be Bravo’s newest hit. We haven’t seen it ourselves yet, so take them for what they are (meaning: don’t form an opinion about things until we form it for you). Though is there anything better than the bad review? We don’t want to live in a world where people aren’t writing things like this piece from a review on MeeVee:

All the press leading up to this show’s premiere is whether Todd Oldham is the next Tim Gunn. I’ll let you in on a secret: he’s not. He isn’t even the next Bob Saget. This host couldn’t introduce a video of a cat climbing up a cop’s leg if his talk show host life depended on it. He’s cute and skinny and openly gay enough to wear argyle sweaters, but that’s not enough, even for Bravo. When he talks, he sounds like a smoothed-out version of Stephen Hawking‘s speech device.