What Are The Top Twitter-Loving Countries? [STATS]

Twitter is a global company, but it’s more popular in some places than others. Which countries are the most tweet-obsessed?

Business Insider‘s BI Intelligence, a subscription research service, took a look at the top countries on Twitter – and the number one country will probably surprise you.

No, it’s not the United States, Twitter’s home-country. No, it’s not the UK, or Singapore.

The country that boasts 41 percent of its online population as active Twitter users is none other than Saudi Arabia. That means that nearly half of the internet population in that country is using Twitter, a higher percentage than any other country in the world.

In terms of sheer number of Twitter users, India is also a surprising heavyweight. Its 36.6 million Twitter users make it the third-largest market on Twitter, following the US.

And China is even hopping on the Twitter bandwagon, with 84.4 million internet users reporting having used Twitter at least once (note: this number is not active users – or those who log on at least monthly – but rather those who have signed on to Twitter at least one time). This is a big feat, given that Twitter is officially blocked in the country.

But one of the most surprising facts to come out of this data-gathering might be this: The US is not the second-most Twitter-saturated country, following Saudi Arabia. No, the US isn’t in the top 5 or even the top 10 – a full 14 countries have heavier Twitter usage than the US.

BI Intelligence is offering a full report on the world’s largest social networks, which includes even more Twitter stats.

(Globe image via Shutterstock)